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History Talk


Come journey south with us on Saturday, February 10. To the south end of Waterville, that is. Our guest speaker is going to get your memories going and reminiscing about growing up here in the 1940s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. Roland Hallee, editor of The Town Line community newspaper, is going to lead us on a journey back to the good old days. “Life On the Plains” is the name of my favorite column that he writes, and from which I have learned a lot about our Franco-American community in Waterville and growing up in that time. Don’t worry if you aren’t from Waterville and didn’t grow up in this timeframe. I am sure there will be many stories where we will all nod in collective agreement and have some laughs as we will know just what Roland is talking about! There will also be some mention of Main Street businesses of yesteryear. Roland will bring photos for you to view. His family has a great collection. I bet many of you do, too, if you would like to bring them.


We are looking forward to going back with you. Please join us Saturday, February 10th, for social time, beverages, and light snacks at 1:30; Roland will begin speaking at 2:00. Admission is free and all are welcome!

Museum Hours

The museum is open for tours on Friday afternoons from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.


So that we can plan for your visit, please let us know when you plan to arrive by sending Jessica Couture an email at

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