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LaVerdiere Apothecary

In 1976, through the generosity of Reginald LaVerdiere and LaVerdiere Enterprises, the replica apothecary building was erected to house the extraordinary collections of pharmaceutical antiques which Mr. LaVerdiere donated to the Society.  One of the principal attractions of the Museum, the Apothecary is furnished with a beautiful set of matching mahogany, brass and glass cases.  The shelves of these are filled with an array of early patent medicines, essential oils and extracts, herbs and pharmaceutical equipment which brings admiration even from the many pharmacists who made special trips to see the collection. 


The prescription preparation area in the rear of the building is just as it would have been, and the shop houses special loan collections from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and from the Maine State Museum. The back of the mirrored foundation, with its stained glass trim, holds a very rare Tufts fountain console from the E.W. Moore Drugstore in Bingham.


Pharmacist's Desk
Apothecary shop
Soda Fountain
Apothecary Right Wall
Apothecary Left Wall
Apothecary End Wall
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