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Mountain mint

Pycnantheum virginum


Plant Type


Hardiness Zone

3 - 7

Flower Color


Bloom Period


Height at Maturity

2 feet to 3 feet

Width at Maturity

12 inches to 18 inches

Sun Requirements

Full sun

Soil Type


About this species:

The mountain mint can be found in moist soils such as in meadows, swamps and along streams and ponds.

This is an erect, many-branched, herbaceous perennial that grows 2-3' tall and features narrow, toothless, tapering leaves and profuse, somewhat flat-topped, terminal clusters of small, white, 2-lipped flowers which bloom in mid to late summer.

Its leaves are simple and alternating on the stem with a mint fragrance.

It has a long bloom time of 4 or more weeks and is highly attractive to pollinators. Its light green and narrow leaves and smaller white flowers look nice when combined with plants with large leaves and bold colors.


Key to Label Symbols:

Hollow stems, leaves and roots are sources of shelter for wildlife. Insects may make a winter home under dropped leaves. Other animals may make shelters within the roots of the plant.
Food Source
Birds and other wildlife use the seeds, berries and leaves for their food source. Leaves may be used to help build nests for birds
Nectar Source
Bees, butterflies, birds and some insects use nectar for their food. Pollen is also used by some wildlife.
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